Adversity was not meant to break you down, it was meant to make you WISER.



Margarita  will inspire your audience with her  testimony and how faith as her foundation strengthens her. 

Tim Is A Hewler

About ME

Margarita Elizondo, is a motivational speaker, writer, dancer, model, and founder of Rolling With Me. She was paralyzed in 2006, and and began speaking in churches and schools shortly after her injury. In 2013 she was crowned Ms. Wheelchair California 2013 and in 2019 she was crowned Mi Modelo Especial. Margarita has used her titles as a platform to educate the public on the importance of fully including individuals with disabilities in our communities by helping to brea down physical and perceptual barriers. 

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Author of Rolling With Me & Friends Book Series

A book series for children that teaches the importance of inclusion and treating everyone regardless of appearance or ability with respect and kindness. 

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Margarita speaking at a public school assembly about  treating others with kindness or speaking to school chapel about her faith, her messages have a profound impact on students and staff alike.



Young people who are struggling to transition successfully in school, are encouraged and challenged to know that there is always hope for the future. Margarita’s message of overcoming insurmountable obstacles leaves them with a new outlook and a realization that the choices they make for themselves today will define their future. 



Margarita‘s messages and faith in God in spite of the many obstacles and trials she has had to face hold audiences captivated by a warrior woman who refused to give up on life, her children, or her dreams. She speaks of forgiveness and God as her strength. 



Margarita‘s story resonates loudly with those who have lost a loved one or have suffered a Spinal Cord Injury. She doesn’t just inspire people, she gives her audience the tools to carry on.